Bespoke Software Development For Your Digital Transformation

Cyber Bee is a Software Development company, that provides custom solutions for enterprises all over the world.

Advanced Blockchain Applications, Smart Contracts, DevOps Services, Product Management, Custom Software Applications – our expert team will deliver the technological solutions that suit your needs the most.


Innovative Solutions
Tailored to Your Business

Blockchain Development

Dreaming of a blockchain product for your business? We will make your dream come true with our authentic blockchain development framework. Unlock the true value of your business with the help of the blockchain technology.

Software Development

Get the custom software that will serve each and every specific need of your business. Stay focused on your business goals and success, while our software development specialists take care of all the technical parts of the job.

Smart Contract Development

Unlock your business’s potential with the tailor-made smart contracts. From development and testing to full-scale deployment, our experts will take care of this bespoke business logic working its best for your company.

Product Development

Any idea you have, our product development team will make it better than you may expect. Comprehensive business analysis, concept creation, design, and development are performed with care about your business and your clients, leaving your competitors no chance at all!


Set the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system with microservices architecture. Our expert DevOps engineers will support your business strategy with high-quality software.


Core Industries

Our company has expertise in a wide range of industries. We bring valuable insights and provide our customers with the most advanced solutions.

Real Estate


Cyber bee WORKFLOW

Our Execution Process

Take the concept and develop it into an independent, fully functional product. We can provide you with assistance no matter what stage you are at.

Get In Touch

The humankind didn’t come up with the better way of interaction than a simple discussion. A discussion lets you get to know more about our company, and we, in our turn, figure out all we need about your business needs, goals, competitive advantages, and expectations from our cooperation.

Strategy and Solution Design

Once we have collected your requirements in a whiteboard session, we get down to designing, prototyping, and user testing of your product.

Agree on the Budget
When the strategy and the timeline are defined, we proceed with defining the budget.

Once you have chosen the design, we go on with programming and coding. The development lifecycle consists of three stages: Alpha Phase, Beta Phase and Release Phase.

Testing and QA

To make sure your final product is fully ready for the market release, we carry out the data-derived validation process and in-depth QA testing for each release stage.

Launching and Maintenance

Here it is - your product goes LIVE. Once you approve it, our expert developers publish your product in real-life environments. Don't worry about cloud and on-premise hosting - we will take care of that on our side.

Support and Customer Service

Get your product ongoing maintenance and optimisation to ensure up-to-date improvements. We carefully deploy the latest market strategies and provide full support.


What you will get from working with us

Senior Talent

We know better than anyone that finding qualifies assistance may be a hard thing to do. Luckily, you've come to the right place! Our team consists of senior talent developers with years of successful industry experience. You won’t need to find the difference – the difference has already found you on its own!

Progress Reporting

Communication is essential, so we are sure that organizing multiple short meetings throughout the project creation is extremely beneficial, as you can always be aware of what is happening to your project. Project tracking tools let you stay aware of the status of each element, and, what’s very important, we adapt to any systems that you may already have in place.

On-demand Services

Regardless of whether your business needs assistance with short or long-term projects, we're here for you. Any type of service or assistance will be provided the best way possible.

Clean Code

We have strict coding and documentation policies, which we follow in everything we do. Our philosophy is to deliver products that can be easily understood and maintained by anyone inside our outside of our team. This approach focuses on keeping the organization power in your hands, letting you change the structure the way you may need in-house.

Dedicated Staging Environment

Before making any changes, we have to be sure that you can see these changes in context from a separate staging environment. All work is backed up via version control systems that allow us to easily switch between historical versions of the project.

Full Cycle Support

Be able to reach us during your standard business hours and beyond – one of our most important business values is to be highly responsive to our client's requests. No matter what time of day or night it is, feel free to contact us whenever you need.




Want to empower your business with artificial intelligence, machine learning, or blockchain?

Our experts will help you to develop a working strategy and implement a bespoke enterprise solution!

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