Logistics Software Development

Transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solution development to meet your needs.

Optimize your company’s supply chains with our custom logistics software solutions. Our professional developers will provide you with comprehensive systems for transportation management, procurement, warehouse management, and more.

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Why Us

The logistics cycle includes all the processes a product goes through from the initial production stage to getting into the end customers’ hands. These processes include transportation, packaging, delivery, and many others.

Cyber Bee knows what issue companies face when trying to keep the process smooth and efficient. We provide our clients with the latest logistics solutions to streamline the logistics process on a new level.

Happy customers

Does your business deal with clients’ location data? Upgrade your services and collect data as your customers travel, wait for public transport, buy goods and services, wait for shipments to arrive, or are stuck in a traffic jam.

Low costs

Determine which area causes the most unplanned expenses—fleet maintenance, delivery delays, complex workflows, or lack of data for practical use—and use these insights to cut operational costs, which may even reduce the cost of your services, thus encouraging potential customers to switch from competitors.

Unprecedented data efficiency

Build and manage your business’s bigdata pool effectively. Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid—whatever type you have, you can analyze and predict customer demands and flex your business model to meet them.

Improved Delivery Efficiency

Plan delivery routes based on real-time location data, uncover patterns, and deliver anything your clients order right into their hands. Last-mile delivery drones make it real!

Universal access to datasets

Collect, structure, analyze, and maximize the efficiency of location data of all kinds from all sources. Use one platform to add more value to your business and accelerate the decision-making process.

Driver Workload Optimization

Carefully plan drivers’ workloads according to destination demand, considering seasonal events (demand surge) and excluding unplanned stops due to inventory malfunction.

professional assistance

What We Do

Process and Technology consulting

We’ll carefully analyze all the existing operational processes to clearly define competitive strengths and weaknesses and set a robust development roadmap to help you introduce the latest technology, streamline delivery operations, and cut expenses.

Predictive analytics

Our domain and data science experts help you retrieve more value from your client and IoT data than ever. We carefully analyze past and present trends with the help of predictive analytical models, so you can match your business capacity and assets to changing market demands.

Back-office integration

Our logistics software solutions link CRM, ERP, and CMS systems, as well as internal and third-party apps, to fully integrate your enterprise. We take care of monitoring, analytics, reporting, scalability, and security with system communication to build information and workflows.

Custom software solutions

Our team studies and analyses your business’s needs to find and offer you the most competitive solution. We build long-lasting technology partnerships to translate your business concepts into stable and scalable solutions with unmatched UX. Our software engineering experts put your ideas into practice, from conception to a complete product. Need to provide your in-house team with some specific skills? Our company will gladly help you to speed up delivery time or offer QA at any stage of your business journey.

professional assistance

Technologies We Work On


Data Science and Big Data Processing


Analytics and Visualization


Predictive Modeling


Platforms and Microservices


Internet of Things (IoT)


Mobile Solutions


Blockchain Technology


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Our experts will help you to develop a working strategy and implement an enterprise-grade solution!

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