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Java has become deeply integrated in a range of industries, including fintech, medicine, trade, insurance and many others.

Cyber Bee experts develop safe and effective applications matching all your requests.

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Java Software Developers Make Your Business a Number-One Concern

Just making up a code that satisfies the minimal standards has never been enough. A growing business requires the support of software that would mature along with the company – it must have a stable foundation with a well-thought-of design shaping the software to a strong and beautiful solution. Our team of Java software engineers develops flexible, compatible, consistent, and high-quality software products that will meet all your needs. The team consists of high-level specialists with great expertise and extensive knowledge, all sharing the company’s morals and beliefs, which will definitely have a positive impact on the practical performance and results.

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Why It’s a Great Idea to Use Java:

Compliance and adaptability

An experienced software engineer can make the project fully comply with all the industry’s latest trends as well as design and incorporate additional functions to the network.


Java owes its popularity and mainstream acceptance to the security properties it offers its users. It is one of the safest solutions due to numerous programming interfaces, cryptographic keys, hash functions, and encryption protocols.


Java software can boast of its user-friendly interface that allows users to create and manage applications using Java programming.

Platform cross-match

Java software is compatible, which means it can be used on a range of different platforms without any performance issues. Thus, a Windows version will work perfectly well with Mac or other operating systems.

DEVOPS Services

Designing Applications With Java Software

Our company builds up software from top to bottom, giving high-quality consultations before getting down to work and performing customer care as an after-sale maintenance. In order to invent a solid and sustainable product, our top-notch Java developers do the following:

Creating Custom Java

The company’s experts from various departments such as QA, UI/UX design, financial analytics, and a range of other highly skilled professionals take care of the whole custom software development process, from creating a unique and attractive layout to final performance tests.

Creation of ERP Java solutions, applications for banking services, and other industries where security and digital privacy are greatly appreciated.

Designing flexible and adaptable distribution tools and corporate digital solutions for storing and managing huge volumes of data with opportunities for fast-track data traffic and accessibility for numerous users.

Development of corporate web instruments

Cyber Bee is highly qualified in creating web applications for businesses, designing and organizing API’s effective operation.

Creating desktop versions of applications

Our team possesses a wide knowledge and expertise in creating digital solutions for Windows and Linux operating systems. JavaFX and Swing are the most popular instruments that we use to create exceptional desktop software.

Software for wearable technology

We create software for wearables and other smart electronic devices that are equipped with various sensors and interlinked with hardware for more convenient and advanced use.

Lifetime after-sale support and customer care

Once the product is released, our skilled support team will make sure that everything works well and provide assistance in case any inquiries arise. This is particularly important as new updates and amendments to software take place regularly, and it’s important for any business or individual to remain effective and eliminate any possible delays in work. Apart from that, our team guarantees constant technical support with more complex tasks, such as transferring to other platforms or changing the system’s fundamentals.


Technologies we use

Java Platforms

Java Programming
Frameworks and

Security Frameworks

Persistence / ORM Tools



UI Frameworks


Cyber bee WORKFLOW

What We Do

We provide you technical support all throughout the development process. From the project’s first steps to after-sale assistance and maintenance, we become your guide on the path to the best software satisfying all your requirements.

Examination and Assessment
  • Idea evaluation
  • Financial and market analysis
  • Assessment
  • Agreement
  • Structure
  • Design
  • Defining timeframes
Product Creation and Quality Assurance
  • Product development
  • Development operation
  • Carrying tests
  • Paperwork
Product Release
  • Maintenance and supplementary development
  • Integration of new functions
  • Accommodating of software upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Server maintenance
Development team

Start your work with our Java experts

If you need someone to develop a custom Java software solution and you don’t have such specialists among your staff, you can hire a team of well-experienced Java professionals here. 

Outsourcing Java software development is a good idea if you want to receive a high-quality product for an affordable price. Here’s why:

Personal Manager

You will have a personal customer care specialist ready to help you anytime.

Excellent Track-Record of Developing Java

Around 80% of our personnel are skilled mid-level or senior developers with years of successful practice in the space.


Our team will provide you with weekly feedback on the work performed for you to feel 100% informed of the progress your project makes.

Turnkey Solutions

As skilled Java engineers, we can create a product from nothing and give you fully complete, strong software, battle-tested and adjustable for mobile versions.

Modifying Existing Software

We can help you both with scratching a new software product geared to meet your individual needs or setting up an already existing solution and adapting it to new tasks. Our Java specialists are well-trained in both directions to provide you with the best service.

Migration to Other Platforms

Our Java developers also provide services of facilitating the migration of software to Java, which is usually cost-effective for customer companies as they don’t need to spend money on maintenance of out-of-date solutions.


Tell us about your project

Our experts will help you to develop a working strategy and implement an enterprise-grade solution!

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