Smart Contract Development

What is a Smart Contract?
― It is a virtual contract, built on the blockchain-based platform for better immutability and security. A smart contract can be signed between two parties without any third party involvement, so its terms & conditions are drawn according to the authority people. Once those terms & conditions are met, then funds are automatically transferred from one participant to another.

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Your Business Needs Smart Contracts, if You Aim to:


Smart Contracts Development Services

You will get Ethereum-based smart contracts designed considering every peculiarity of your business. Our solid Smart Contract Development services ensure that your Blockchain adheres to the right automation.

Smart Contract Architecture

As the blockchain-based protocols require a bug-free workflow, the architecture of your smart contract will be designed with the best experiences and practices of our ethereum development team.

Smart Contract Design and Development

As the blockchain-based protocols require a bug-free workflow, the architecture of your smart contract will be

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract validation services are necessary to make sure that a smart contract is free from bugs and breaches, and that the performance is error-free.

Smart Contracts Optimization

Blockchain technology integration provides the unique identities for each node. As any blockchain-based smart contracts consist of multiple networks of nodes, proper nodes’ identities ensure flawless system processes execution.

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Cyber bee WORKFLOW

Smart Contracts Development Process

Cyber Bee develops software products from scratch, as well as takes up development at any software lifecycle stage.

Requirement Data Gathering
  • Thorough understanding of the requirements for the existing apps (if there’s any)
  • Identifying business ecosystem processes to be driven to Smart Contracts
  • Drafting the product’s roadmap
Technical Design
  • Smart Contract definition document development
  • Creation of data flow diagrams
  • Technical architecture design
  • Technical documents design and GDPR compliance
  • Sprints and delivery milestones creation
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Production
  • Provisioning
  • Deployment on Main Network
  • Requirements gathering
  • Backlog prioritization

Your Business Needs Blockchain Smart Contract, if Your Industry Is:


Smart Contracts enable ownership of patients’ data by offering controlled data disclosure to every member involved in the network.


Smart contracts let every member involved in the blockchain platform measure the social impact at every step of the process.


Smart Contracts in Media industry ensure content’s ownership and fair evaluation along with the elimination of intermediaries.


Smart Contracts in the banking and finance industry help to eliminate complications in the procedure of banking, bring about a reformation in the aspect of data.


Smart Contracts let all the sides of the insurance procedures save a lot of time, eliminating paperwork thus increasing efficiency for both parties.


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