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Partnership to solve technological challenges
Cyber Bee has been helping clients to successfully handle business challenges since 2015. How? We add value to business with custom software engineering and top consultancy services.

Cross-functional approach is the key factor of everything we do. We help you design, test, build and deliver your business products quick and cost-effective. One of Cyber Bee’ core concepts is flexibility – that’s why our services are always matched to your goals, resources, and timeline. We’re proud to contribute to the success of the world’s leading brands.

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How We Cooperate

Engineering Team

Cyber Bee’ agile engineering experts completely integrate with your core team – we offer multi-faceted technological expertise that helps you train your in-house team, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Your actions

allocate workload; provide in-house process and management integration

What We Do

provide your business with the best skills and experience

Smart Team

Cyber Bee’ smart team gladly helps you flex your business resources in order to deliver the most complex business software strategies for your business with minimal time and money expenses.

Your actions

give requirements and ensure workload

What We Do

allocate a team of experts with the best fitting set of skills, and ensure productivity

Custom software development

PoC development, software engineering and reeingeneering services.

Your actions

provide clear product vision, scope, and desired timeline

What We Do

deliver you a perfectly assembled product on time

terms of contract models

Key Contract Models

Agile engagements let us remain flexible in terms of contract models. You are free to choose what suits your project the best from four basic contract models depending on the projects aim and nature, or mix the features you that appeal to you.

Model 1. Time and Material

The team should be provided with all the necessary equipment and material to implement a project. Cyber Bee offers you to choose a team yourself – we’ll offer you top specialists in accordance with your project’s specifications. The team can be modified any time to suite your needs the most.

Good for: long-term projects, software publishers, anyone who wants to extend the current in-house team.

Model 2. Fixed price

If the total cost of the project may be defined from the start, Cyber Bee can propose to engage in a fixed price model. Our experts will prepare a detailed project plan based on your specifications and whitepaper to share with you, thus giving you full access to track your projects’ progress until the delivery date.

Good for: short and well-defined projects.

Model 3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA includes all the crucial information on predetermined services and final products: metrics, conditions, standards, parties’ responsibilities. SLA can be easily modified or updated depending on your business preferences. This engagement model ensures an up-to-date and cost-effective approach to resources management and productivity, applying only world’s best practices.


In case you need a totally customized solution, if the scope and conditions of your project are clear, and your goal is to leverage expenses, if you’d like to personally control and observe the most important processes without delving much into unnecessary details – then SLA model option is for you.


Good for: mid- and long-term projects with exact predefined performance requirements and set deadlines.

Model 4. Salary based

Cyber Bee allocates one of our hubs to host your team. An overhead is added to the salary of each engineer you decide to hire; our company provides HR services to offer you the right profiles, provides an office space, administrative and legal services, etc.

You are free to select the specialists you need to hire, and get full control over the team as if it were your in-house one. The process is fully transparent; you have access to all the processes and communication of the team, as well as to each team member salary. Manage the team and stay focused on your projects – Cyber Bee provides all the rest to make your team working smoothly.

Good for: businesses that want to be the only ones involved in the project management and to have full control over the dedicated team.

Cyber bee WORKFLOW

Cyber Bee Development Process

Cyber Bee develops software products from scratch, as well as takes up development at any software lifecycle stage.


We carefully study your businesses goals and challenges to get a clear idea, identify the scope, and brainstorm the solution that will serve you the best. This kind of collaborative approach lets you and us successfully work in one and the same direction.


Our experts work side by side with you to create a detailed specification of your project that will act as a starting point of design and implementation of a swift and risk-averse full-scale development process. Based on the projects’ scope and complexity, this stage may be of two types: classic and extended.


Our cross-functional team – system architect, business analyst, and UX designer – cooperates with your stakeholders to identify gaps and build a roadmap of the project.


Our cross-functional team – system architect, business analyst, and UX designer – works with your stakeholders to define a product concept that considers end-users, competitors and the market niche in general. After that, we proceed with the product concept development, prototype creation and high-level architecture creation.

Solution Development and Implementation

Cyber Bee’s software development includes thorough analysis, design, development, testing and final deployment. We stick to both innovative and proved processes and automation techniques, which ensure a transparent, seamless and quick delivery.

Deployment and User Acceptance Testing

Seamless deployment requires DevOps best practises. In our company, deployment techniques are the following:
Deployment to your environment, following the agreed specification and agenda; Creation a plan of development, testing, staging and production environments and deployment to Azure/AWS.
After that, we make sure you are informed about what to expect post-launch: thorough UA testing demonstrates the real-life experience and outcomes for your users.

delivery framework

Unique Delivery Framework

We look beyond software engineering to help you create business-transforming solutions. Cyber Bee’ end-to-end cooperation models offer close and continuous client partnership, thus ensuring a seamless and transparent software delivery process.

Our delivery framework includes a tested set of standards and practices with actionable outputs at every stage of the process.


Want to empower your business with artificial intelligence, machine learning, or blockchain?

Our experts will help you to develop a working strategy and implement an enterprise-grade solution!

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