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Whatever idea you have, our product development team will make it better than you may expect. Comprehensive business analysis, concept creation, design and development are performed with care about your business and your clients, leaving your competitors no chance at all!
Get the custom software that would cater for each and every specific need of your business. Stay focused on your business goals and success, while our software development specialists take care about all the technical part of the job. Emerging technologies included!
Unlock your business’s potential with the tailor-made smart contracts. From development and testing to full-scale deployment, our experts will take care of this bespoke business logic working its best for your company.
SERVICE DESCRIPTION Blockchain for Businesses Tailor-made solutions for world-class quality Solidity smart contracts ― Solidity is a high-level and smart contract-oriented language; its main purpose is professional smart contract writing. Solidity is a relatively new coding language – its origin starts in 2015, the same year as Ethereum, and that new coding means was designed […]
Dreaming of a blockchain product for your business? We’ll make your dream come true with our authentic blockchain development framework. Unlock the true value of your business with the help of the blockchain technology.
our workflow Connecting Development and Operations CYBER BEE provides DevOps services to automate end-to-end software delivery and ensure infrastructure scalability and security for businesses of any level. A compound of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps is combination of experts, process, and technology that aims at adding value to clients. DevOps benefits teams greatly. The […]
java development Java Development Services Java has become deeply integrated in a range of industries, including fintech, medicine, trade, insurance and many others. Cyber Bee experts develop safe and effective applications matching all your requests. development for your business Java Software Developers Make Your Business a Number-One Concern Just making up a code that satisfies […]
Remote team Hire dedicated developers Our top tier team of developers is ready to be deployed to craft your concept into real-life certainty. They serve as your extended development team. SERVICE OPTIONS We’re on standby to assist you Cut back on the development costs Our in-house team of software specialists will streamline your expertise in […]
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Our Execution Process

Take the concept and develop it into an independent, fully functional product – this is how the things go in our company. At the same time, we can provide you with assistance no matter what stage you are at.

Get In Touch

Take the concept and develop it into an independent, fully functional product - this is how the things go in our company. At the same time, we can provide you with assistance no matter what stage you are at.

Strategy and Solution Design

Once we’ve collected your requirements in a whiteboard session, we get down to designing, prototyping, and user testing of your product.

Agree on the Budget

When the strategy and the timeline are defined, we proceed with defining the budget.


Once you have chosen the design variant, we go on with programming and coding. The development lifecycle consists of three stages: Alpha phase, Beta phase and Release phase.

Testing and QA

To make sure your final product is fully ready for the market release, we carry out the data-derived validation process and in-depth QA testing for each release stage.

Launching and Maintenance

So here it is - your product goes LIVE. Once you approve it, our expert developers publish your product in real live environments. Stop worrying about cloud and on-premise hosting - we will take care of that on our side.

Support and Customer Service

Get your product ongoing maintenance and optimization to ensure up-to-date improvement. We carefully deploy the latest market strategies and provide real/fix support.


Want to empower your business with artificial intelligence, machine learning, or blockchain?

Our experts will help you to develop a working strategy and implement an enterprise-grade solution!

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