Turnkey development of a crypto portfolio management platform

Cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that offers users a comprehensive set of tools: trading bots for rebalancing, correlation analysis, backtesting trading strategy, and social portfolio management, all supported by a capacity to analyze up to 5,000 portfolios.
Crypto Portfolio Management Platform
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UI overview

Developed crypto portfolio management platform offers users a comprehensive set of tools to optimize and efficiently manage their digital assets. It aids users in employing trading bots for rebalancing, executing correlation analyses, backtesting trading strategies, and managing a social portfolio.

The platform stands out with its capability to analyze up to 5,000 portfolios, enabling users and companies to discern the most optimal cryptocurrency mix. From crafting personalized rebalancing strategies to connecting to your favourite crypto exchanges and analyzing all the necessary data in a single window, it offers a holistic solution for both novice and seasoned crypto investors.


Our primary objectives for this project were to:

  1. Develop a robust backend for the SaaS service.
  2. Establish an API to integrate with various cryptocurrency exchanges and facilitate real-time trading.
  3. Create an intuitive frontend, inclusive of a dashboard showcasing portfolio metrics and a tool for rebalancing recommendations.
  4. Ensure the platform's scalability and optimization for high performance and user traffic management.

Approach used

The backend was structured using Node.js, combined with Express.js and MongoDB to build the backend API and database. The database was configured to retain transaction history and other relevant data.

The backend API included endpoints for accessing user account information, including cryptocurrency holdings, current market prices, and rebalancing recommendations. The API was also integrated with the APIs of various cryptocurrency exchanges to enable real-time trading and portfolio rebalancing.

The frontend part included a dashboard that displayed portfolio holdings and performance, as well as a rebalancing tool that provided recommendations based on the user's risk tolerance and investment goals. The frontend was also integrated with the backend API to enable real-time updates and trading.

Once the SaaS service was developed, it was deployed to a cloud-based infrastructure. The service was deployed using containers to enable scalability and ease of deployment.

Technologies used​

  • Backend Development: Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB were the backbone of the SaaS service.
  • The frontend of the service was developed using React.js. The development team also used Redux to manage the application state and Material UI to create responsive and polished UI components.
  • Deployment & Optimization: The service was cloud-deployed using containerization. For peak performance, optimization techniques such as caching, load balancing, and automatic scaling were instituted.

Tech stack

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