Smart Contract Development Services

We provide a full range of smart contract development services – from smart contract audit to smart contract development – to help companies achieve transparency, autonomy, control, speed, and cost efficiency for their business operations. Thanks to this cooperation, our clients receive standard-compliant digital solutions that open up all the benefits of the Web 3.0 industry.
Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Services We Provide

We build smart contracts based on EVM blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom as well as Solana, etc. However, our expertise does not end with smart contract development services alone. In total, we offer our clients four types of services for smart contract projects.

Design and Development Services

Hire our smart contract development company to build both template and custom projects of any complexity. We can also integrate smart contracts into your existing projects, ensuring the desired transparency of transactions on the digital plane.

Audit services

We will perform a comprehensive smart contract audit using advanced tools to find errors, bugs, bottlenecks, and potential vulnerabilities. As a result, you will receive a solution that meets any required security and data privacy policies.

Optimization services

Would you like to enhance the capabilities of your smart contracts, fix vulnerabilities, or reduce transaction costs? You can ask us to review and refactor the smart contract code to ensure it meets both your specific requirements and generally accepted standards.

Consulting services

If you want to unlock the potential of smart contracts, we will help you with this. Our experts will choose the optimal tech stack for implementation of smart contracts, recommend an appropriate platform, and design its architecture adapted to further scaling.

Why choose our smart contract development company

Our smart contract development company is constantly working to provide our clients with ever-better services that will ensure the achievement of their business goals with the least resource costs. In particular, you will receive the following benefits from our collaboration.

Business focus

We pay special attention to analyzing your business and industry as a whole. The result of our work will be a smart contract solution that both meets your individual requirements and has every chance to become the market leader.

Product competitiveness

Our smart contract development experts always assess the prospects for scaling your project within your existing ecosystem. Such an approach removes all obstacles to constant digital transformation and implementation of innovations.

Extensive tech expertise

Cooperate with a high-performance, cross-functional team that successfully launched dozens of complex Web 3.0, AI, ML, and custom solutions. You can also choose our smart contract development services if you already have a product and want to optimize it. We will audit it and eliminate existing vulnerabilities.

Effective communication

Our smart contract development experts always adapt to the work schedule of our clients and use the best software tools for remote interaction, project tracking, and reporting. This gives you transparency, convenience, and flexibility at their best.

Flexible pricing

Our smart contract development company will offer you several cooperation models and select a technology stack without compromising your budget. With our smart contract development services, you will never face additional costs for services that you do not need.

Data protection

Before starting to work on a smart contract solution, we always draw up and sign an NDA to protect you from leaking your business data and provide official guarantees for the confidentiality of our cooperation.

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Industries we cover

We are constantly improving our skills, mastering new smart contract technologies and business directions, and looking up to industry standards. Here are the most popular business industries we deal with.

Web3 (DeFi, Blockchain)

Implement with our smart contract development services this integral part of Web3 solutions. Automate and exclude third parties from executing DeFi operations, managing DAOs, identifying blockchain participants, etc.
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Provide the balance between transparency and security of operations in FinTech. Implementing smart contract solutions in Fintech ensures a reliable environment for all parties and allows them to concentrate on business logic.
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Healthcare Software Development


Develop smart contracts for your project in the healthcare sector to speed up access to patient data, simplify and secure transactions between providers, and ensure transparent delivery of medical services, equipment, and drugs.
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Reduce the cost and ensure the reliability of logistics processes. With your custom smart contract solution, you will be able to provide compliance with the terms of agreements, fraud protection, audit, payment for cargo, etc.
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Ensure that all insurance transactions are recorded in a public registry through smart contracts. Make them available to all third-party network participants and guarantee their trustworthiness.
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Eliminate third parties from contracting with their enhanced digital alternative — smart contracts. With smart contract development, you will be able to scale your legal business without any limits and without sacrificing your service quality.
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Real estate

Perform all buying, selling, lending, and renting real estate processes through smart contract development. With its help, you will automate workflows within your business and adapt it for further growth and scaling.
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Start up

Create smart contracts for your startup with the support of a team that has a full understanding of workflows in innovative projects. As a result, you will get a scalable and competitive smart contract solution that will captivate its audience from the first click.
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Our Technology Stack

To guarantee the stability and further progress of the solutions we create, we use only proven tools and technologies for smart contract development.

Smart Contract Tools

Programming Languages

RPC API providers




ERC Tokens

Case studies

We have extensive expertise in the field of smart contract development, which is confirmed by successfully implemented projects that bring their owners high competitiveness in the web3 sector. Here are just a few of them.
Fintech project

Polytrade: Blockchain-based trade finance platform

Decentralized blockchain protocol designed to modernize receivables financing by bridging buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a smooth trading journey.

Web3 project

Layer-1 Blockchain

Developing a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain based on the Proof of Stake algorithm that solves scalability and security issues, and offers low-cost and near-instantaneous transactions.

Fintech project

Crypto Portfolio Management Platform

Cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that offers users a comprehensive set of tools: trading bots for rebalancing, correlation analysis, backtesting trading strategy, and social portfolio management, all supported by a capacity to analyze up to 5,000 portfolios.

Web3 project

NFT Marketplace

Created on a native PoS Layer-1 network, NFT-marketplace gives users a secure environment for transparent and hacker-proof transactions. Every user can buy, sell, create, and exchange NFTs without intermediaries.


Cyber Bee successfully integrated the payment gateway, handling an average of 3,000 transactions daily with a 99.8% success rate. The team adhered to timelines and communicated proactively via virtual meetings and emails. Their expertise in IT and software development was evident.

Executive, A-Dev d.o.o.

Thanks to the new features implemented by Cyber Bee, the client has seen a significant increase in user engagement. The team manages tasks well — they always deliver on time and provide regular updates to keep everyone on the same page. They’re also responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable.
Rusya Safina

CMO, Solus Agency

Cyber Bee’s developers quickly integrated into the client’s workflow and met project demands efficiently. The team was highly collaborative, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider’s flexibility, resource quality, and development agility.
Nikita Kompanets

CEO, Wise Vision Group Ltd

Our Execution Process

As a company with 8+ years of history, we have approved a procedure that, regardless of the initial requirements for the project, always leads us to successful results.


Collection and formalization of project requirements

We begin this phase by working closely with the client to define the business and technical requirements for smart contracts and the project in general. Thus, we get the necessary information to build business logic for smart contracts and develop a project roadmap. The project scope is defined and rough estimation is calculated.

Technical design

At this stage, we create documentation and build data flow diagrams based on which we develop the technical architecture and the requirements for compliance with the common industry standards. We also plan sprints and product backlog. After this phase, we may update the estimate and the project scope, if deemed required.

Project development

First, we create an alpha version of the product, and then, after extensive testing, proceed to the beta version. After that, the product again goes through all the necessary testing procedures, based on which a release candidate is formed.


Now we are all set to start deploying the smart contract product. First, we run this procedure in a test environment, and after we are convinced that everything works as intended, deploy it to the mainnet.

Updates and technical support

Our cooperation does not end with the product launch – we provide technical support and update development services when our clients need it. We also agree on optimizing projects to ensure their further progress.
Frequently asked questions

What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts are automatically executed software that ensures the entry into force of the transaction if all parts of this transaction comply with the necessary conditions. Projects that imply developing smart contracts exclude the participation of intermediaries, thereby providing unprecedented transparency and eliminating additional unnecessary costs.

What are the types of smart contract-related services you provide?

Our smart contract developers provide consulting, audit, optimization, as well as design and development services for companies that decided to integrate smart contract solutions into their business processes.

In which business sectors can smart contracts be most useful?

Despite the widest scope of industries in which smart contracts can be used, currently, they are most often found in the financial, healthcare, logistics, real estate, insurance, and legal sectors. Also, custom smart contracts are often used as an integral part of startups related to web3.

What is the pricing of smart contracts development services?

The smart contract development cost is calculated on an individual basis, as its pricing policy is influenced by many factors, such as the complexity of the business logic, the technology stack used, the need to comply with regulatory and legal requirements, the urgency of the project’s release, the number of integrations, etc. To find out the budget for your project, please contact our skilled smart contract developers.

How long does it take to create a smart contract?

The duration of the smart contract development process directly depends on the complexity of a smart contract solution, as well as your individual requirements, which may include the need to comply with certain regulatory requirements, technology stack, additional integrations, etc. If you want to know how long your project will take, feel free to contact us.

Can smart contracts be broken?

Because a smart contract is stored on a blockchain, the blockchain updates when it has been executed. Thus, the transaction approved by smart contracts cannot be changed.

Is deploying smart contracts possible without blockchain?

Smart contracts cannot exist without blockchain: when all the parties have fulfilled the conditions, this must be confirmed by trusted participants in the blockchain.

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