Computer Vision Solutions

Expand your application’s capabilities with computer vision systems based on deep-learning techniques. Enrich business processes through object detection and tracking, creative content generation, facial recognition, and real-time analysis of videos and images.

Computer Vision Services We Provide

Cyber Bee offers a wide range of computer vision services to meet a variety of business needs. From image analysis to generating content with GANs, we provide solutions that transform visual data into actionable insights.

Image Analysis and Segmentation

We develop algorithms and techniques tailored to your business's unique requirements. Our solutions automatically identify objects, detect patterns, measure features, and recognize shapes or textures. With a powerful image analysis technique by Cyber Bee, you can enhance your business process efficiency and segment images based on common characteristics.

Intelligent Video Analysis

We use artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to build advanced video analysis solutions that will help you to extract valuable insights and meaningful information from video data in real time. Regardless of the application you are looking for: event and facial recognition, crowd analysis, anomaly detection or data reporting - we will develop a product that fully meets your needs.

Object Detection, Tracking, and Labeling

Identify, mark, monitor, and count objects or people with our computer vision applications. We empower businesses with intelligent solutions for enhanced visual data processing. Our extensive experience in this domain allows us to improve your surveillance, security, robotics, or autonomous systems with almost limitless possibilities of cutting-edge technologies.

Visual Search

We develop and train machine learning models that will improve the accuracy and performance of your product. Our computer vision experts know how to streamline and simplify visual object recognition and comparison features for large databases across multiple fields. Based on the latest technologies, our search capabilities will become an essential part of your existing system. 
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

At Cyber Bee, we use advanced recognition techniques to build AI vision applications that empower the work with typed and handwritten texts. Boost business process efficiency and expand automation and analysis capabilities with the accuracy of character recognition. Our computer vision solutions find extensive applications in various areas, from document digitization to searching specific text in images and videos.

Image Generation with GANs

We help businesses build and train generative adversarial networks (GANs) for various tasks: data augmentation, image-to-image translation, super-resolution, and creative content generation. Our GANs enable different industries, from entertainment to healthcare, to produce unique images and realistic-looking videos.

Why Choose Our AI Development Company

At Cyber Bee, we create custom computer vision software to derive actionable insights from your image data and create new value for your business. Our deep learning expertise covers AI model development for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, agritech, logistics and other industries. From the UAE to the United States, our intelligent systems fill business needs of different levels.
Hire Developers

Highly Experienced Experts

Rely on our extensive team of computer vision development experts with vast experience in successfully delivering a wide range of computer vision projects for diverse industries and businesses.

Client-Focused Approach

We go beyond just computer vision development because we carefully analyze risks and offer comprehensive solutions. Our unique advantage is to add value to your project by presenting innovative ideas.
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Compliance-Ready Products

Our computer vision products could be designed to meet rigorous regulatory standards, including ST-20, AML, KYC, GDPR, PCI DSS, and PSD2. We prioritize compliance readiness to ensure your application adheres to all necessary requirements.

24/7 Support and Monitoring

Our 24/7 support team is always ready to help you improve your product's software post-deployment. A team of experts ensures the smooth operation of each stage. Take advantage of our computer vision development services to prevent any disruptions and easily scale your business.

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Still have questions? We're here to provide the information you need about our products, services, or operations. Schedule a meeting or send us a message for assistance. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're committed to addressing your inquiries.

Computer Vision Use Cases

We apply computer vision to industries ranging from healthcare diagnostics to retail operations and beyond.
Use Case

Intelligent Diagnostic

Healthcare, like no other sector, requires speed and accuracy of operations. Computer vision technology expands the boundaries of diagnosis processes and provides quantitative and qualitative insights. AI-powered solutions help medics to enhance accuracy, speed up diagnosis, reduce human error, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Among use cases that have already transformed the medical field are fully automated cell identification, computerized blood, urine, biopsy sample analysis and reporting, high-resolution scanning of skin formations, and detection of microscopic bone fractures.
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Use Case

AI Vision for Manufacturing

Computer vision has a wide range of applications in manufacturing, including workplace safety, process automation, and quality control. This enables 100% uptime, flawless manufacturing, and consistent product lines, absolutely incomparable to human experience and skills. It keeps the cost down which is an important factor against rising costs for materials, energy, and transportation. Today, computer vision systems for product assembly, defect detection, predictive maintenance, and packaging inspection take centre stage in sector transformation. 
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Use Case

Computer Vision in Retail

The field of AI in retail is getting bigger, completely transforming employee and customer experiences. With computer vision apps, businesses gain improved operational efficiency, enhanced inventory management, advanced analytics and reduced costs. Meanwhile, there are virtually no limits to how AI can be used in this sector. Retailers extensively apply such solutions as customer behaviour and visitor profile analysis, advanced monitoring systems, store layout improvement, and smart management of stock and supplies.
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Use Case

Smart Asset Monitoring

Remote monitoring of industrial infrastructure empowers companies to achieve safer, more accurate, and more cost-effective inspections of assets. Computer vision technologies help to time detect maintenance problems caused by external effects, corrosion, defects or ageing. The system constantly monitors pressure, temperature, and other metrics for leak detection. AI provides better control and full machinery visibility with monitoring solutions for accurate and timely inspections, automatic leak detection, smart alerting, and spill prevention.
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Use Case

AI in Real Estate 

AI-driven image and video analysis solutions assist realtors during a property’s pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase stages. Advanced visualization and data-driven insights are frequently adopted by property buyers, sellers, and investors. From automated document management systems and property valuation to AI-generated 3D building models, computer vision technology helps with the main task - to close deals quickly and beneficially for both sides. 
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Use Case

Computer Vision in Insurance

With deep-learning systems, insurance companies level up risk assessment and estimation, fraud prevention, underwriting, claims management, real-time condition monitoring, and other workflows. Computer vision can automate claims-handling processes by analyzing images and videos. It can quickly assess damage to vehicles, properties, or other insured items. Additionally, AI and ML enable computers to reconstruct events and analyze accident scenes, assisting in more accurate claims processing and reducing fraudulent claims. 
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Computer Vision Technology Stack

Explore the core technologies that power our computer vision solutions. We harness a wide array of cutting-edge tools to bring precision and efficiency to your projects.

General Computer Vision & Image Processing

Deep Learning Frameworks & Tools

Optical Character Recognition & Text Processing in Images

Advanced Neural Architectures & Models

Case Studies

Explore our case studies
Fintech project

Polytrade: Blockchain-based trade finance platform

Decentralized blockchain protocol designed to modernize receivables financing by bridging buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a smooth trading journey.

Web3 project

Layer-1 Blockchain

Developing a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain based on the Proof of Stake algorithm that solves scalability and security issues, and offers low-cost and near-instantaneous transactions.

Fintech project

Crypto Portfolio Management Platform

Cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that offers users a comprehensive set of tools: trading bots for rebalancing, correlation analysis, backtesting trading strategy, and social portfolio management, all supported by a capacity to analyze up to 5,000 portfolios.

Web3 project

NFT Marketplace

Created on a native PoS Layer-1 network, NFT-marketplace gives users a secure environment for transparent and hacker-proof transactions. Every user can buy, sell, create, and exchange NFTs without intermediaries.


Cyber Bee successfully integrated the payment gateway, handling an average of 3,000 transactions daily with a 99.8% success rate. The team adhered to timelines and communicated proactively via virtual meetings and emails. Their expertise in IT and software development was evident.

Executive, A-Dev d.o.o.

Thanks to the new features implemented by Cyber Bee, the client has seen a significant increase in user engagement. The team manages tasks well — they always deliver on time and provide regular updates to keep everyone on the same page. They’re also responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable.
Rusya Safina

CMO, Solus Agency

Cyber Bee’s developers quickly integrated into the client’s workflow and met project demands efficiently. The team was highly collaborative, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider’s flexibility, resource quality, and development agility.
Nikita Kompanets

CEO, Wise Vision Group Ltd

Our Execution Process

We deliver the best results through our streamlined AI development process


Problem Definition and Data Collecting

The initial step in the AI development process is to identify the task that needs to be addressed. This means understanding the specific business problems and the project's scope. Once the problem is articulated, it's time for gathering and preparing the data required to train the AI model. This involves removing erroneous or duplicate data, identifying missing values, and standardizing the format. It is crucial to identify the right data, clean and pre-process it to ensure model accuracy and relevance.

Model Selection and Training

The next stage is choosing the right AI algorithm among many others with their strengths and weaknesses. Selecting the appropriate algorithm depends on the type of the problem and collected data. Then comes the moment for model training using the data and algorithm that has been chosen. This involves adjusting the model's parameters and evaluating its performance until the desired level of accuracy won't be achieved.

Model Testing

Step three of AI development is testing the accuracy and performance of the model. It involves multiple experiments with a separate dataset that wasn't used before. The main objective is to check that AI can solve the problem and provide accurate and reliable predictions. The team works to refine the model further and further until it functions as intended. The testing process can take from a few days to several months, depending on the complexity of the model.

Model Deployment

After successful testing, model deployment to a production environment and integration with existing systems and processes comes. There are different deployment types, including batch inference, cloud-based, on-premises, and edge deployment. At this final point, it is crucial to monitor the model's performance over time and make necessary adjustments to ensure continued accuracy and relevance.
Frequently asked questions

What is computer vision?

Computer vision (CV) is the field of AI, where computers are taught to understand and interpret the digital world, including images, videos, and other visual data. It involves using different algorithms that help computers identify and classify objects, texts, faces, and movements within images and videos.

What are the benefits of computer vision?

CV offers several advantages to businesses in different sectors.

Enhanced efficiency. Video and image processing solutions automate repetitive tasks, decreasing the need for manual labour. As a result, it saves time and resources, leading to increased efficiency.

Real-time insights. CV analyzes visual data quickly and accurately. It reduces the need for manual inspection, enables prompt decision-making, and leads to improved product quality.

Precision and consistency. By using deep learning models, computers can perform tasks with high precision, reducing errors.

Improved safety. Today computer vision-based applications are widely used for surveillance and security purposes to identify threats and prevent accidents. They can also assist in dangerous tasks, like inspecting hazardous environments.

Reduced costs. Automating workflows, like optical character recognition and manual data entry, leads to cost savings in time and labour.

How much does it cost to develop a computer vision solution?

The cost of custom AI solution development depends on key drivers, such as the complexity and scope of the project, the technologies used, the selected approach, etc. To estimate the time and cost of developing a computer vision app, simply fill out the contact form, and we'll follow up with you.

How to integrate computer vision solutions with my internal systems?

The vast experience of our specialists allows the Cyber Bee team to smoothly integrate computer vision applications with your existing systems. Our CV experts will select for you the most suitable way for integration and ensure its seamless performance.

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