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We help healthcare companies utilize blockchain for patient data transparency and AI for enhanced diagnosis and treatment. Working with clinics and startups, we combine their needs with blockchain’s security to craft reliable software.
Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software development services

In healthcare software development, we specialize in AI diagnostics, secure data management, and personalized treatment strategies, all designed to optimize patient care and enhance medical workflows.
Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Patient Data Management

We engineer decentralized platforms for secure patient data storage and sharing, streamlining information access for medical professionals and ensuring comprehensive data integrity and privacy across healthcare systems.

Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

We create software solutions that process data from health wearables, providing real-time alerts to healthcare professionals about potential health anomalies, facilitating early interventions and promoting continuous patient care.
AI development company

AI-Driven Diagnostic Solutions

Harnessing the power of AI, we develop models that analyze medical images and radiographs, enabling quicker detection of early signs of tumors in MRI scans than traditional methods and leading to timely interventions.

Personalized Treatment and Recommendations Engine

Our solutions utilize ML to analyze a patient's genetic profile and medical history, formulating bespoke treatment strategies and recommendations based on individual health needs to maximize treatment efficiency and minimize side effects.

Pharmaceutical Traceability with Blockchain

We integrate blockchain technology into the pharmaceutical supply chain, allowing hospitals and pharmacies to trace a drug's origin and ensure the administration of genuine medications, reducing the risk of counterfeits.

AI-Powered Virtual Health Assistant

Our advanced virtual health assistants can handle patient queries and provide health insights 24/7, guiding patients on post-operative care and ensuring adherence to recommended recovery steps.
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At Cyber Bee, we transcend traditional healthcare software solutions. Our expertise spans from secure patient data platforms to AI diagnostics and blockchain-enabled pharmaceutical traceability. Whether it’s real-time monitoring or tailored treatments, we merge innovation with efficiency.

Trust us to drive precision, security, and excellence in every digital healthcare solution.

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Domains We Cater To

At Cyber Bee, we delve deep into specialized healthcare domains, from telehealth to health monitoring. Leveraging tech and insights, we tailor solutions to elevate patient care across diverse domains.
Healthcare Software Development


Our team designs specialized healthcare solutions for telemedicine providers, amplifying patient engagement, expediting virtual consultations, and fortifying data security. We employ real-time communication tools and in-depth analytics to elevate virtual healthcare experiences.
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Patient Portals

We engineer patient portal apps, enabling users to manage their health data, schedule appointments, view test results, and more. Features we embed include secure messaging, appointment reminders, medication tracking, and comprehensive health summaries.
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Health Analytics

We design data-driven solutions offering insightful analysis of patient data. Our platforms speed up diagnosis, streamline treatment pathways, and facilitate real-time patient monitoring. Our solutions ensure a frictionless, secure exchange of sensitive medical information.
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Digital Prescription

Our vast know-how enables us to craft reliable platforms for e-prescriptions and medicine tracking. We aid healthcare providers in enhancing prescription accuracy and improving patient compliance. Our team embeds features like dosage reminders, drug interaction checks, and refill alerts.
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Health Monitoring

Utilizing big data, AI algorithms, and cloud computing, we design platforms for health tracking, vital sign monitoring, and trend analysis. At Cyber Bee, we comprehend the nuances of evolving health tech and are poised to elevate your health monitoring capabilities.
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Our Core Technologies

Unlock the power of cutting-edge technologies we utilize in our healthcare development solutions




Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Generative AI Models


Explore our portfolio
Fintech project

Polytrade: Blockchain-based trade finance platform

Decentralized blockchain protocol designed to modernize receivables financing by bridging buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a smooth trading journey.

Web3 project

Layer-1 Blockchain

Developing a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain based on the Proof of Stake algorithm that solves scalability and security issues, and offers low-cost and near-instantaneous transactions.

Fintech project

Crypto Portfolio Management Platform

Cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that offers users a comprehensive set of tools: trading bots for rebalancing, correlation analysis, backtesting trading strategy, and social portfolio management, all supported by a capacity to analyze up to 5,000 portfolios.

Web3 project

NFT Marketplace

Created on a native PoS Layer-1 network, NFT-marketplace gives users a secure environment for transparent and hacker-proof transactions. Every user can buy, sell, create, and exchange NFTs without intermediaries.

Our Execution Process

Throughout the years in the market, we have built a well-structured project workflow for the software lifecycle implementation that allows us to handle projects smoothly and fast without sacrificing quality or costs. Here’s how we work.


Product Discovery

The development process starts with requirements gathering and market research. At this stage, we define the purpose of your app, the target audience, the set of financial services you want to offer, and the scope of work. After establishing the idea, the next step is conceptualization, which involves identifying the tech stack, platforms, and any third-party integrations required.

UI/UX Design and Prototyping

Then our designers and UX researchers come into play. They shape the user experience, draft wireframes and create visually compelling designs that align with user needs and financial industry standards. Prototyping involves creating interactive and clickable app versions to test and validate the user experience before development. It helps to identify any usability issues and get early feedback.

Development and Deployment

At this stage of financial mobile app development, our team focuses on building front-end and back-end components, integrating databases, and incorporating APIs. We conduct extensive testing to ensure the functionality, performance, and security of your application. Once the app passes all necessary testing and refinements, it is ready for deployment.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates

After the application is released, the maintenance stage begins. Our software developers monitor product performance, conduct regular testing, and analyze user feedback. This data helps specialists to identify pain points, fix bugs, release updates, and ensure a seamless user experience, security, and usability.
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