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Assemble a team of adept developers with Cyber Bee. We will pick up top experts matched to fit your domain, company culture and project type. Our web development services cover the business needs of any scale and complexity, sharpening ideas on their way to realization.
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Our Specialists

With Cyber Bee, you can build your own team of top software developers and engineers with strong technical skills. Expanding your stuff with our talents, you get trusted partners to lead your project from conception to a successful end goal. We help companies find and hire developers across a wide array of programming languages and technologies to meet the most critical development needs.
Blockchain Development Services

Our dynamic team includes experts with a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and decentralized app development frameworks. We assist you in hiring developers skilled in programming languages and tools you need to unlock the potential of your blockchain project and lead it to success.

Hire DevOps engineers

Scale your in-house team with our top DevOps engineers to manage your cloud needs from start to finish. We will find you the right talents to streamline your cloud infrastructure for optimal performance and growth. With our extensive pool of skilled engineers, you get access to all DevOps development services covering your project needs.


At Cyber Bee, we provide a constant stream of top specialists, helping entrepreneurs hire developers to create a seamless and engaging user experience for websites and applications. Our shortlisted candidates are highly skilled in the core languages of front-end development—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and stay up-to-date with new tools, libraries, and best practices.


Hire developers adept at delivering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate front-end and back-end functionalities. We offer expert-vetted talents with a wide range of skill sets and expertise to augment your development team and build software products from scratch. Our remote developers navigate the entire software development lifecycle, ensuring a streamlined process.


We can help you find the right developer or dedicated team with the Java expertise required to build robust, efficient, and scalable solutions. Work with world-class Java software engineers from our network to deliver your product faster, even with a limited budget. Boost your development capacities by leveraging our Java developers' in-depth knowledge.


Transform your team productivity with top Golang engineers from Cyber Bee. Whether you require problem-solving in a complex software infrastructure environment or building robust and performant APIs, we will find developers who understand your goals and possess the expertise to drive your projects forward.

Improve your business processes
with blockchain and AI technologies

Why choose our developers

8+ years

in the software development market


technologies and time-tested best practices

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At Cyber Bee, we meticulously select top-tier developers tailored to fit your company’s culture and project specifics. Harness our expertise to ensure your projects are powered by the industry’s best technical minds.


Cyber Bee successfully integrated the payment gateway, handling an average of 3,000 transactions daily with a 99.8% success rate. The team adhered to timelines and communicated proactively via virtual meetings and emails. Their expertise in IT and software development was evident.

Executive, A-Dev d.o.o.

Thanks to the new features implemented by Cyber Bee, the client has seen a significant increase in user engagement. The team manages tasks well — they always deliver on time and provide regular updates to keep everyone on the same page. They’re also responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable.
Rusya Safina

CMO, Solus Agency

Cyber Bee’s developers quickly integrated into the client’s workflow and met project demands efficiently. The team was highly collaborative, and internal stakeholders were impressed with the service provider’s flexibility, resource quality, and development agility.
Nikita Kompanets

CEO, Wise Vision Group Ltd

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Our Proficiency Across Sectors

Cyber Bee serves a wide range of industries, helping organizations hire developers with the required hard and soft skills. We work with startup founders, small businesses, scale-ups, and large enterprises. Each company receives a special, individual approach adapted specifically to its needs. We handpick each tech talent to ensure that a web developer is the right candidate with a fit in terms of technical skills, company culture, timezone, and cooperation model.

Web3 (DeFi, Blockchain)

We carefully select candidates by evaluating their blockchain proficiency, decentralized architecture knowledge, and smart contract expertise to find developers who are well-versed in the trends of this cutting-edge sector. Whether you need to build DEX, Bridge, dApp, or the entire NFT marketplace, Cyber Bee is here to assist you by hiring developers who seamlessly become an integral part of your team, contributing their skills to drive your Web3 project.
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We specialize in hiring developers with expertise that aligns precisely with your fintech projects. From secure payment gateways and robust trading platforms to AI-driven financial analysis tools and personalized banking apps, we focus on finding the right candidates with the specialized skills necessary to drive your fintech initiatives to success. Our tech talent will make your projects stand out in the competitive world of financial technology.
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Healthcare Software Development


Digitize your healthcare systems and services in partnership with our trusted software developers. Cyber Bee helps you find and hire top engineers for your custom healthcare solutions. During our hiring processes, we handpick candidates with the right expertise required for building appointment booking apps, hospital management systems, EHR/EMR solutions, various medical applications, and other software products to connect doctors and patients.
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Good developers are a great resource for companies to handle complex day-to-day logistics operations. We help businesses to scale their dev teams with our top logistics experts. By hiring developers with unique strengths, required skill sets, and expertise to the table, you receive a trusted development partner for building logistics software to lower fleet operational costs, improve communication with customers, optimize route planning, and accelerate deliveries.
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Our highly efficient matching process enables selecting the proper candidates with the expertise and the tech stack needed to build an insurance app of any complexity. Whether you're looking for a full-time developer for long-term projects or new hire only for a couple of weeks, we find an insurance software developer for any development work, including designing custom solutions for claims management, underwriting, risk analysis, policy compliance, etc.
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At Cyber Bee, we know the specific challenges legal firms face every day and offer a dynamic team of dedicated developers who can cope with them via custom legal software. From case management systems and contract automation tools to legal research applications and secure document management software, we hire developers possessing tech stack and soft skills to create innovative solutions that streamline your legal processes.
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Real Estate

Real estate software development often involves expertise in predictive analytics and AI to make companies lead in this dynamic domain. Cyber Bee can help you with this by providing a dedicated team of developers to build custom real estate software for your business. We hire experienced tech talent to ensure a seamless process, whether a new app is designed from scratch or a large-scale update of the existing solution.
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Start up

We understand how teamwork with the right software developers is crucial for the future success of your business. Specializing in recruiting top developers, we select candidates perfectly tailored to your project. Whether it's a prototype, MVP, fully-fledged product or website, our handpicked experts adapt quickly to new challenges. We build a team of vetted talent to help your business reach its potential and lead the industry.
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Technology stack our developers work with

Explore the diverse technology stack our developers master, ensuring cutting-edge solutions tailored to your project needs.




Mobile App Development

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Web3 & Blockchain

Hire Developers in Four Steps

With Cyber Bee, hiring top-tier developers is streamlined into a simple four-step process, ensuring you swiftly connect with the best talent tailored to your needs.


Tell us about your needs

Share your requirements and provide as many project details as possible via the contact form on our website to help us understand your goals.

Wait for 48 hours

Our hiring team looks through CVs from our global pool to pick the right candidates and compile a list of pre-vetted web developers in the short term.

Take an interview

Select the talent you like and schedule interviews to see how they match your project, specific skills, and team dynamics.

Start work with the best candidates

After you approve the candidates, we will initiate the onboarding process and facilitate their seamless transition into your team of developers.
Frequently asked questions

Where do I hire remote developers for my project?

The first option is to hire a remote engineer by yourself. For example, you decided to hire a freelance developer or freelance programmer. For these purposes, you need to sign up on a special platform dedicated to finding developers. But hiring freelancers is tricky and time-consuming because you need to post a job description, interview️ candidates, and carefully review the LinkedIn profile or GitHub profile of freelance developers. This is not cost-effective. Plus, there is no guarantee that such candidates are reliable partners. And that's why it's better to outsource hiring developers to a trustworthy company and start working with a new developer within 48 hours.

What are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers?

The key benefits of hiring a dedicated development team are:

- reliability

- deep knowledge and expertise

- agile development practices

- cost-effectiveness

- flexibility and scalability

- high-quality outputs

- efficient time management

Why is the hiring process with Cyber Bee more efficient than hiring freelance developers?

With Cyber Bee, you can access a community of talented developers well-versed in a wide range of technologies and modern web stacks. We match your project requirements with experts who have the right skill set and experience, saving you time and cost in searching for suitable candidates. Additionally, we provide a structured process, streamlined communication, and ongoing support, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly and meets your business needs. Unlike the uncertainties that can arise when you hire freelance developers, our company offers you a reliable pool of proven specialists to ensure consistent quality throughout your project's lifecycle.

Which software developers can I hire from Cyber Bee?

Every day, we collaborate with many developers in high demand right now. Our hiring team will help you to find the right candidate to work remotely with.

Contact us if you're looking for:

- iOS Developer

- Java Engineer

- Full-stack Developer

- Backend Developer

- Golang Developer

- Front-end Developer

- Blockchain Developer.

How does Cyber Bee match me with the right candidate?

We hire developers based on the following main selection criteria:

1. Your needs and requirements. Business goals, project type, team dynamics, years of experience, company culture fit, outsourcing model, timezone, level of language proficiency, communication skills, etc.

2. Tech fit. Experience in programming languages, technologies, frameworks, and tools you're looking for, work in a similar role, certifications, etc.

How many developers do I need to hire for my startup?

The number of full-time developers depends on how big and complicated your project is. For a start, even one startup developer can be enough to build MVP. But if you're working on a bigger project and plan for fast growth, hiring a whole team of developers is better. Another way to handle things is by splitting your project into parts, like mini-projects, and hiring developers for each stage.

How long does it take to find a software developer for my project?

Once we receive your inquiry, know your needs, and understand your goals, our hiring team checks the right candidates and their availability. Within days, we'll introduce you to a shortlist of handpicked and vetted developers to select the talent you like. We then conduct an interview with you and the candidates to check their hard and soft skills. After you approve the developer, we start an onboarding process. Therefore, the average time between the first and the last steps is only 48 hours.

Which outsourcing models does your company provide?

At Cyber Bee, we offer three of the most popular relationship-based models - staff augmentation, dedicated team, and project-based model.

1. The first approach, which is also called extended team, implies expanding in-house staff by outsourcing specialists for a specific project or phase. This flexible model works best for short-term services when the in-house team lacks expertise. With it, clients get full control and responsibility over the development process.

2. Working with a managed or dedicated team means hiring developers to perform tasks you don't want to delegate to your in-house staff. You, thus, have a team of experts who are completely focused on your product. This approach is perfect for complex, long-term projects that require close collaboration.

3. Project-based outsourcing is the best option for delegating the entire development process from planning to release. This model is the most popular, as clients have the least control, allowing them to focus on other important internal tasks. Communication with the outsourcing company is carried out through the project manager.

Choosing the right outsourcing model is significant, as it directly affects the results. It also depends on factors like client involvement, tech expertise, responsibilities, control, etc. We help clients pick the approach to make it work best for them.

Why outsource with Cyber Bee?

More than 8 years in the software development market have allowed us to grow, build a strong team, and expand it. Today, clients from around the world have access to our services. Our specialists are always in trends of cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide the best experience for customers. We have already collaborated with companies from Canada, the United States, Germany, the UK, Austria, and the UAE. Our individual approach to each client helps us to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that contribute to their business success.

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